Dr. Mike Shride

Dr. Mike Shride

"It probably sounds odd, but a sack of potatoes literally changed my life……"

It was around 9pm on a crisp fall evening. I was a busy undergraduate student at the local university. my roommate and I had just returned from the grocery store, when he picked up a ten pound sack of potatoes and had that all too familiar experience of feeling his back "go out"! The spasm of the muscles was so great he was finding it difficult to breathe! We called his chiropractor, who was unavailable that evening, so we found another one in the phone book. After a careful exam, some physiotherapy and a well executed chiropractic adjustment, my roommate was well on his way to feeling better! I was amazed at what I had witnessed! As we talked, the chiropractor asked me what I was majoring in at the university; to which I replied "physical therapy". He asked if I had ever considered chiropractic….and the rest, as they say, is history! I spent a lot of time considering the change from PT to chiropractic and I can assure you, I have not spent one minute regretting that decision! What chiropractic is able to accomplish, WITHOUT putting anything into or taking anything out of the body, continues to excite and amaze me some 20 years later!

My education began as an undergraduate student at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. After completely 3 years of prerequisite studies, I moved to Davenport, IA to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. Palmer is often called the "Fountainhead" of chiropractic, since it is the original chiropractic college. There I received what I would consider one of the finest educations you can receive! I was surprised to find that the initial 3 years, of a 5 academic year program, are essentially identical to a standard medical school education. Since I enjoy figuring out how things work, I particularly enjoyed anatomy, physiology and radiology! My chiropractic educational experience definitely caused me to fall in love with the profession and made me confident in the career choice that I had made!

My primary goal in practice is to help as many people as possible, achieve a level of optimum health, by providing quality chiropractic care to them and their families.

To help relieve the suffering that so many people have to tolerate on a daily basis. I want to help my patients understand that good health, or bad health, is not something that just happens to them, but something that they are responsible for! They can be active participants in their health recovery and health maintenance! It's not something that I, as their doctor, am solely responsible for… they too have to get involved in the process. Therefore, patient education had a significant role in my practice. I stress prevention as opposed to trying to treat the symptom or health condition AFTER it has shown up. I definitely practice by the motto "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Never have truer words been spoken! There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a patient regain what they thought was lost……their health and their "life"!

I am the proud father of two beautiful children! One boy, one girl. And I couldn't feel more blessed! I try and live by the motto "work to live, don't live to work"…. When I'm in the office, that is my patient time and I don't mind working hard, but when it's quitting time, I leave work at work and it's "family time"! I want my family to know they are the most important thing to me…. No one ever lays on their death bed and says "I wish I'd have worked more…" As a family we enjoy camping, boating, fishing…….anything outdoors! Family time is definitely good time!

I don't just talk the talk. I take my own medicine, if you will. I get regular care myself and try to live a lifestyle that reflects my healthcare philosophy. I don't focus on one particular area of a healthy lifestyle with my patients, ie. nutrition, exercise, but I DO try to give them a good basic foundation that they can realistically achieve and if they want to, build on themselves.

But enough about me! What can we do to help you attain your health goals through safe, effective chiropractic care? Do you have symptoms or problems that are ruining your day to day life?

Give our Greenville office a call so we can discuss your health concerns and together, come up with a plan of action to get you enjoying life again!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Bovee has truly improved my quality of life. Ten years ago I was in a serious car accident. With constant neck, lower back pain and a 24/7 headache. I had taken many medical paths that gave me no relief whatsoever. In February 2010 I started seeing Dr. Bovee after having trouble breathing from having a rib out. Even though I was in pain and uncomfortable the staff was warm, funny and very accommodating to my needs. After consistently seeing Dr. Bovee, not only have my headaches and neck pain decreased, after a 12 hour car ride I can ride in a car without any back pain. I haven't been able to travel without pain for 10 years!"
    Candice B. / Charlotte, NC
  • "I saw Dr. Shride for the second time this week about a new hip flexor injury I was worried might develop into something debilitating. Dr. Shride made quick work of it with adjustments to my lower back, hip and ankles. In an almost effortless fashion, he cleared up what I thought might be a long term injury. Many thanks! I will be returning for future injuries."
    Joseph DeVar III / Greenville, SC

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